Terri McCormick Campaign: Wisconsin’s Underdog on FOX News “Freedom Watch” Yesterday

Eighth Congressional District Republican candidate for Congress Terri McCormick appeared on FOX News “Freedom Watch” yesterday to discuss her campaign.

She is the only Republican in Wisconsin’s 8th District to appear on FOX programming and also the only candidate who has released poll data in the 8th Congressional district race.

“Freedom Watch” Host Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst and former New Jersey Superior Court Justice, noted that McCormick is doing well in survey results and praised McCormick’s support of HR 1207, an effort to Audit the Federal Reserve.

“There is a stark difference between Republican voters and the establishment mentality that believes in entitlement to positions,” says McCormick.  “If we can get the press to focus on ideas and solving problems rather than on how much cash is coming from closed door deals, the people might actually have a decision in this race,” she concludes on the program.

McCormick was excited to be invited to appear on “Freedom Watch” for the second time. You can learn more about Terri McCormick at: TerriMcCormickforCongress.com.

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