How will the Coming Supercenter Impact Small Business? Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center has Answers, June 7

“Winning Retail and Service Business Strategies for Uncertain Times” is provided for free on Tuesday, June 7 at the Stone Harbor Resort (Room yet to be determined – Please look for signage) beginning at 8 am with a Social, 8:30 – 10 am Program.

The session is complimentary but please, RSVP to 920.743.6246. The “new normal” that has emerged in 2011 is causing both business owners and consumers to recalibrate their values and rethink their expectations. All business owners and managers recognize that today’s highly competitive marketplace requires some rethinking and retooling for their businesses to survive.

This workshop has been designed to stimulate them to do just that. Consumers’ choices are being redefined on how and where they will choose to do their business. As business owners, we must give them solid justification for selecting us. This session will challenge participants to think creatively about their business from many perspectives. The workshop will address initiatives that will assist in the better positioning of Wisconsin’s downtown individual businesses.

Key discussion points will cover the following:

  • Key factors shaping the retail landscape, including major retail “hot buttons” and PowerPoint of the latest retail trends.
  • Twelve-step approach to winning strategies and best practices for small businesses.
  • How to use this session to assist you in rethinking new standards for success and to proactively distinguish your business from your competitors.
  • Why experience-retailing has become a critical success factor.
  • How to deliver competitive edge service, including body language and listening skills.
  • Understanding the “E-Gap” and how to manage the customer experience.
  • Trends in consumer buying habits and the impact of social media.

Invest 1 ½ hours to re-evaluate ways that you can best adapt your business to be successful in today’s hyper-competitive business marketplace. Each participant will receive a reproducible handout with timely tips that can be embraced in order to sharpen their skills.

Missing this session will cost you!  Please RSVP to 920.743.6246

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