“Feed the Fish” Looking for Local Crew Members

Warren Gerds reports in today’s GB Press Gazette that “Feed the Fish” film makers are looking for fill-ins in February when they plan to start shooting in Door County:

“Paid spots are open for key makeup and hair design, costume design and special effects. Unpaid interns are sought for production, locations, grip and electric, camera, wardrobe, hair/makeup, art props and extras casting. Applicants may send a resume or a note detailing their experience to feedthefish@triplefinger.com.”

The film stars:

  • Tony Shalhoub is best known for his role in the Golden Globe and Emmy winning television show Monk. Tony has won both Emmys and a Golden Globe for this role. Some of Tony’s other notable films are Barton Fink, Men in Black and The Man Who Wasn’t There. Here he is on a January 22, 2008 broadcast of the Craig Ferguson show talking about visiting Green Bay… 
  • Seymour Cassel was nominated for an Oscar in 1968 for his role in Faces. His recent work includes The Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic and The Crew.
  • Vanessa Branch has appeared in all three Pirates of the Caribbean films and has guest starred on many current television shows.

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