Norb Blei is alive and well…

It has been a weekend all about death and rebirth, from my never-so-humble perspective here in Fish Creek. The death of one old friend and the resulting funeral services on Saturday and Sunday brought many people back together once again to share their thoughts, note the changes and rekindle memories. Out of the ashes inevitably comes letting go and then a new beginning.

The recent flurry over Rory Walter brought two old friends back in closer communication – myself and Norb Blei. Now I get Norb’s regular news updates and, through the magic of the Web, can keep track of his thoughts and observations. Perhaps you may wish to do the same. While we both mourn the loss of our local media, each of us has chosen a method to begin recreating what has been lost. Here’s a lead to Norb’s latest diatribe:

NOTES from the UNDERGROUND… No.149 | September 7, 2008


An Introduction, Confession, Explanation, Claims, Disclaims…and So It Goes…

(Kurt Vonnegut, Thou Shouldst Be Living at This Hour)

I used to deal with politics in various online writings: Blei-Lines, The Mourning News, Word Bites, etc. …but finally let it go. For any writer seriously devoted to crafting fiction, poetry, personal essays, getting into political word-slinging will eventually do you in, eat you alive. Turn you into the very thing you hate.

We all know the other guy’s an idiot, the other side is destroying our constitution, our county…you have the right to do this but not the right to do that and if you don’t think the way I do, you’re the enemy. The word is out, the deck is stacked, the system is in a shambles, the culture is corrupt, nobody’s telling the truth!…someone has to shout: “Fire!”

To get my life back, I had to diminish the sound. Spread the word in other ways,

Read hte rest and then some…

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