Friends of Fritz Renner…

Seems that Fritzie has run into a challenging situation. His log states he, “was initially admitted to the hospital on December 15, 2008 for a five-day intensive treatment for melanoma. He was in good spirits and had made it through the treatment but complications set in. He is now struggling with an infection and compromised lung capacity. December 26 he was put on a ventilator to give his body some rest to fight the infection.”

Today January 7, 2009 his daughter Ariel posted. “Well, my dad seems to be doing well today. Downright perky (maybe). He got one of the nurses to call me on his behalf, and we talked a bit (I talked). Which was incredibly heartening. They are working more to get him off the vent, the fever is down, and he is not sedated at all, just on pain meds. So, hurrah!”

You can track his progress and leave messages for him at his St. Lukes’ CaringBridge Web site.

Send cards to:

Jon Renner, Room T8107
Aurora St Lukes Medical Center
2900 W Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee WI 53215

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