Exploring Interdependence and Diversity Focus of UU Youth Education

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County (UUFDC) offers religious education classes each Sunday. Beginning January 4, the Fellowship will launch the spring semester and invites participation by interested community members.

The grade school curriculum for January through May of 2009 focuses on stories, activities and crafts related to the UU principle that focuses on respect for the interdependence of all existence.

Junior/senior high classes will continue with the curriculum “Neighboring Faiths“. Through discussion, field trips and art projects, these students will study other faith traditions as follows:

January: Celebrating a Culture – The Black Church

February: Finding Absolutes – Fundamentalism

March: Designing an Earth-centered Service – Religions of the Goddess and Native American Traditions

April: Practicing a Spiritual Discipline – Hinduism and Animism.

May: Engaging in Service–Spirituality and Ethics – Quakers, Religious Humanists and Unitarian Universalists

Parents interested in having children register for these classes or who wish more information can call or email Lynn Lees at 920.854.5451/ lynnajohn@earthlink.net.

Classes meet every Sunday at 10 am concurrent with adult services. The Fellowship is located at 10341 Water Street (Highway 42) in Ephraim. Visit www.uufdc.org for more information.

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