Door County Real Estate Broker Returns from Royal Wedding Festivities in London

Diane Taillon of Hunter’s Fairway Sotheby’s International Realty of Ephraim, attends the Royal Wedding Festivities and meets her British Sotheby’s cohorts on a recent trip to England.

She is sitting at the desk in her Ephraim office once again, drinking a steaming cup of Royal Wedding Commemorative Tea – English Rose variety. A little bit sleepy from jet-lag, the scent of that comforting beverage brings to mind an abundance of pleasant memories.

Taillon, a real estate broker for Sotheby’s International Realty, was honored to be among the many onlookers waving and cheering for newlyweds, Prince William and Princess Kate at Buckingham Palace for the Royal Wedding. In addition, she was given the honor of a private tour of the Sotheby’s Auction House on Bond Street as well as the Sotheby’s Realty offices in London.

That’s where she was delighted to discover two of her Door County real estate listings included in the “Country Life – Royal Wedding Issue,” a magazine described as, “the essential weekly read for those who are passionate about the British countryside, fine art, gardening and property.”

In addition to the private tours, her sightseeing included the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. Diane and two friends stayed in the historic original square mile of the City of London, right along the parade route the Royals traveled by carriage from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

“The first item on our to-do list was to purchase ‘fascinators,’ the stylish feathered hairclips often sported by Kate Middleton,” says Diane.

Diane Taillon meets Kate at Buckingham Palace

After all the wedding festivities, Diane and Nancy Konecny, from Green Bay accompanied by Christine Cole of Devon, England traveled to Wales, where the royal couple lives, in order to hang out for dinner at Will and Kate’s  favorite pub. Wearing their “fascinators,” they hoped to be mistaken for Royals themselves!

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