Village of Egg Harbor Embraces Creativity with Art Installations

In an effort to create additional visual and aesthetic interest, the Village has adopted a plan to install 4 pieces of permanent sculpture to be placed throughout the area.

The Village of Egg Harbor recently did something a bit out of the ordinary for a small community.  They created an ordinance and formed an official Public Art Committee.

Village President, Nancy Fisher, comments on this decision. “We’re so delighted that our community has chosen to embrace the idea of placing art throughout the village.  Of course these installations will enhance the visitors’ experience, but perhaps even more importantly, they help to create a beautiful environment in which to live and work year-round.”

Artistic rendering of Richard Edelman's "Blue Sail" sculpture to be installed at the Egg Harbor Marina later this summer.

Artistic rendering of Richard Edelman's "Blue Sail" sculpture to be installed at the Egg Harbor Marina later this summer.

The first artistic creation to be accepted is “Blue Sail” by Milwaukee sculptor Richard Edelman. Edelman has met with the Art Committee and the Village engineer and is crafting this work in his studio right now.  This initial creation is expected to be installed in time for the grand opening of the new marina on August 14.

“Blue Sail” will be located in the upland area of the marina, visible from both Harbor View Park and the docks.  It is delicate, yet created from steel to withstand all the waterside elements.  Each person will see something different depending on their perspective, time of day, and sky conditions framing the piece.  Edelman designed “Blue Sail”, which is a towering 18 feet tall, specifically for this spot in this marina.The piece is on extended loan to the Village.  Edelman’s work is represented by Woodwalk Gallery, located in Egg Harbor.

“The Village of Egg Harbor finds itself in the fortunate position of having beautiful vistas and large parks where a sculpted, carved or painted piece would create additional interest,” adds Fisher.  “We’re taking a place that is already naturally beautiful and making it even more breathtaking by adding art that is of the highest quality and promises to enhance, but not overshadow, that beauty.”

The public art installations are being funded by room tax revenue monies, not by property tax dollars.  Egg Harbor looks forward to announcing additional special works to be placed in other village locations in the future.

For more information on the new art installations, please contact the Village of Egg Harbor Administrator, Josh Van Lieshout or Village President, Nancy Fisher at 920.868.3334.

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