News from Door County’s China Connection, The Lindens Welcome in the Year of the Metal Tiger with a Roar!

The Linden Centre and its cultural arts programs win one of Asia’s top travel honors –’s award for the Best Boutique Hotel in China.

Brian Linden sends his Door County fans and friends the following heartwarming news from The Linden Centre in Yunnan Province, China:

The swallows have returned to the Linden Centre. Every morning, we are entertained by their songs and graceful flights throughout our courtyards. The Chinese believe that they bring good luck to whomsoever they visit. Our Centre is alive with their activity, and our luck, as we enter the Year of the Tiger, seems to be growing.

Throughout the New Year holidays, we hosted dozens of families, whose children energized our courtyards like never before. Daily badminton, basketball, baseball, mahjong, and Wii contests were common. Nights were spent together cuddled under covers in our DVD screening room, drinking local teas and wines in our cafe, or sharing painting and calligraphy tips in our library. Everyone left enchanted by the experience, and many tears were shed when it came time for us to say goodbye to our new friends.

We also were honored to host renowned actress Luo Haiqiong at the Centre for a three day photo shoot in the Centre that will appear on the cover of China’s leading travel journal – Voyager.

Jeanne Linden, Brian Linden and Lei Lei
Jeanne Linden, Brian Linden and Lei Lei

Our Centre and our programs were given one of the top travel honors in Asia in February-’s award for the Best Boutique Hotel in China. This was one of the first times that a foreign hotel, and one that has been opened for less than two years, has been so honored. In recognizing our Centre, the writers acknowledged that even though we have successfully created one of China’s most elegant accommodations, we offer so much more in terms of learning and cultural programming. Jeanee, Brian and Lei Lei traveled to a resort just north of Hong Kong for two days of awards ceremonies, attended by some of China’s leading celebrities. The ceremony was also covered on Chinese television and broadcast live on one of China’s largest and most popular websites.

During the coming twelve months, the Linden Centre is excited to be offering programs in areas such as Culinary Arts, Photography, Writing and Painting.

The Year of the Tiger is supposed to bring fortune and success if you can be flexible and ride out the changes that may occur. Please come visit us this year and lose yourself with us in the China of Pearl Buck and W. Somerset Maugham. We promise you the experience of a lifetime!

The Linden Centre Schedule:

A Family Dream, South of the Clouds – Summer, 2010
The Linden Centre opens its doors in the summer to families who are interested in learning more about the cultural roots of China. These programs enable guests to experience life in a rural Chinese village while participating in scheduled classes in subjects such as calligraphy, cooking, weaving and tie-dyeing, wood carving, martial arts, farming, fishing and language learning.

The week-long sojourns in the summer, which are consistent with the Lindens’ mission to promote intercultural exchanges, are led by both Western and local Chinese mentors. Each day, guests will have a chance to participate in a different activity, as well as learn, or practice, basic Chinese.

Photojourney to Yunnan – Oct.20 – Nov.2, 2010
Acclaimed photographer Alison Wright, represented by National Geographic and Corbis, leads our guests on an adventure to discover the perfect moments that can be captured by the eye and film. Not only does this program venture further north into Lijiang and Shangri-La, but features Alison’s invaluable one-on-one instruction for leisure photographers and amateurs alike.

Adventures in a Chinese Kitchen – November 4 – 16, 2010
Head Chef Janice Thomas of the Savory Spoon Cooking School rejoins us for another adventure into the tastes and diversity of Chinese cuisine at the Centre. Our first program with Janice in 2009 proved to be a great success, and this tour will build upon that into an even more memorable immersion.

Spirit of the Middle Kingdom- February 15 – 28, 2011

The Linden Centre is proud to host a photography program for the avid photographer of landscapes, architecture, people and cultural events. Led by inspirational photographer Douglas Beasley, this program will take photography principles, skills and creativity to a new level in the picturesque regions of Dali, the karst peaks of Yangshuo, and the canola fields of Luoping.

A Writer’s Workshop – March 3 – 14, 2011
Writers will be mentored by Don George and Book Passages. Don is the Global Travel Editor for Lonely Planet Publications. His new book, Travel Writing, will be published this month. In 25 years of wandering, Don has visited more than 60 countries and has published more than 600 articles in newspapers and magazines around the globe. The program will also include some guest lectures by Chinese writers and details on publishing opportunities in China’s increasingly lucrative writing profession.

You may sign up for any of these tours online at The Linden Centre. For more information, please contact:

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