Polling Indicates McCormick Leads Republican Primary Opponents and Tops Rep. Steve Kagen in Wisconsin’s 8th CD

Voters on both sides of the fence are as “mad as hell” and don’t want to take it anymore according to recent polls by Rasmussen, CNN, Pew… and Dane & Assoc. in the 8th CD.

Conservatives rage against what appears to be a creeping wave of “socialism,” while the opposite pole describes the shift in government as a steady move toward “facism.” Meanwhile, it seems that neither Republicans nor Democrats are minding the Treasury as billions of dollars are simply lost in what one writer calls the new American Kleptocracy… and voters are fed up.

This probably explains the rise of the Tea Party movement and the entry of a host of outsider candidates, like author and educator Terri McCormick in Wisconsin’s Eighth District.  The political establishment on both sides has dug in their heels, trying to hang on by supporting loyal incumbents or launching their own select opposition candidates. It seems that voters are simply disgusted to learn that the only thing both parties seem to have in common is their contributions from Wall Street.

Terri McCormick

Terri McCormick "Like Sarah Palin, only this fighter comes with a brain!" - Editor

In Wisconsin’s 8th CD, eight Republican primary candidates have stepped up to oppose Democratic incumbent, Rep. Steve Kagen. Former WI State Assembly Rep., Terri McCormick, though not the establishment favorite, has emerged as the District’s current lead candidate – as evidenced by a recent Dane and Assoc. tracking survey. According to Dane results, McCormick leads the primary field among Republicans with 14% followed by Roth with 11.1%, Trager with10.3%, Ribble with 4.5%, and the rest of the field with a 9.9%. The key factor that remains in this race is the large number of undecided voters at 50.2%.

The telephone survey of high-propensity registered voters within the 8th Congressional District, conducted in March 23-24, 2010 may make an old-school Republican favorites like Roger Roth, as well as Congressman Kagen himself a little “dazed and confused.”

“The real advantage to the McCormick campaign is the anti-incumbent mood of the 8th district coupled with a 60% opposition to Obamacare, spelling disaster for liberal Democrat Steve Kagen,” says pollster Tony Dane. Kagen’s favorable rating stands at 35.7% and his unfavorable opinion is at 47.6%  for a negative 12%.

Although McCormick is recognized as an experienced former Republican state legislator, she is perceived as an outsider even from within her own party from her reputation as a real “maverick,” one who reports and responds to her constituency first and her party second. Her grassroots loyalties and common sense message as expressed in her recent book seem to be resonating with disheartened voters of both major parties.  In this crowded field, McCormick stands out as the only candidate with electoral name recognition, true leadership experience and a measurable track record.

“These numbers clearly indicate that Steve Kagen is headed for retirement in this conservative district,” says polster Tony Dane. “From the Cap and Tax bill to a new economic stimulus bill, more bailouts for banks or businesses, and comprehensive immigration reform, Kagen is going to have a tough time,” says Dane.

GOP Primary, Republicans
McCormick …. 13.99%
Ribble  ……….. 4.53%
Roth ………….  11.11%
Trager ………… 10.29%
Other  ………… 9.88%
Undecided …… 50.21%

Gen. Election Ballot Test
Kagen …………. 37.94%
McCormick …… 44.58%
Undecided ……. 17.48%

Kagen Vitals
Favorable ……… 35.77%
Unfavorable …… 47.56%
Undecided ……. 16.67%

The sample size of 500 yields a sampling error of less than +/- 4.5%.

Terri McCormick supporters say she is well positioned to become the outsider with the name ID and experience to oust “Obama’s Doctor.”  She tops a large primary field primarily because she has a base and a strong conservative constituency.

“Although the primary is still months away, the smart money should be on McCormick,” concludes Dane.

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