Star Gazers Metaphysical Bookstore in Fish Creek Reopens Under New Ownership

nancy-brown“It was late in October of ’87 and Door County felt cold, isolated and empty,” wrote the late Nancy Brown after moving here from Chicago. “The overcast skies and howling wind echoed my doubt as to the choice I had made. But, oh the nights! The night sky drew me outside like a magnet, even when it was bitter cold as winter progressed. I was mesmerized by the celestial intensity of all the stars in their sparkling brilliance overhead.”

That winter a plan was hatched… Nancy decided to open a metaphysical bookstore and one night, as she was lying in bed, the name Star Gazer simply popped into her head. Twenty-five years have passed by and as Nancy explains, ”although it never made much money, there are those few customer-friends who have looked deeply into my eyes and literally touched my soul in recognition of my intention for opening Star Gazer.”

She explains, “Hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have visited Star Gazer may have realized later, that walking through that humble door was entering into a whole new definition of the Universe.” One of those many “customer-friends” is Diana Blagdon, a person who has decided to continue to build upon the foundation that Nancy Brown has established.

“I first discovered Star Gazer and met Nancy Brown in 2007, when I dropped by to introduce myself and share some thoughts about my psychic work and the retreats that I facilitate,” Diana explains. “I wondered out loud if she had ever considered selling the shop.”

Nancy was surprised at Diana’s natural insight and enthusiastically replied, “Wow! You really are good. I have not thought of that until just recently as I have a potential job with the Urantia Society in Chicago. And, I will be selling my business if that comes through.”

That job offer did not pan out, but over the years, Diana continued to check in with Nancy to chat and to update her on readings and on the classes that Diana was teaching.

When one of Nancy’s best friends who also happened to be Diana’s hairdresser, posted a status update on Facebook about Nancy’s passing, Diana contacted her saying, “We need to talk about Nancy. I spoke to her several times about buying her business.”

Debra Ripp also responded with surprise, “Wow! Her Mom just asked me this morning if I knew who Nancy had been talking to about buying the business and here you are!”

Negotiations commenced and a smooth transfer of ownership came to pass.

Diana Blagdon and husband Larry

Diana Blagdon and husband Larry

“It has always been my dream to own a metaphysical bookstore and to develop a spiritual resource center,” says Diana Blagdon. “I believe that we all have a life purpose to fulfill and it is my vision through StarGazers, to support individuals on their path of discovery. As each person I encounter works to realize their life’s purpose, it is my role to encourage and empower their personal development and spiritual growth.”

As a practicing psychic life and business coach, Diana is well equipped to carry on the task of providing a path of discovery, one that includes many of the metaphysical products and books that Star Gazer was known for. She also plans to expand the services with psychic readings, classes and workshops on a variety of spiritual disciplines including art, meditation and music.

A memorial service for Nancy Brown is scheduled for Saturday, May 4 at 4 pm at the Fish Creek Community Church. The new StarGazers will open in Nancy’s honor on Sunday, May 5 at 10 am.

“Regardless of where you are now, we see you as a perfectly wonderful work in progress,” Diana explains. “At StarGazers we are excited to support you and witness that journey.”

You will find StarGazers located in its traditional spot among the Founder’s Square shops in Fish Creek and online at Telephone 920.868.1780 with questions, for seasonal hours or to make an appointment.

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