Skye Recreates the Words of Bob Dylan as Visual Art, Buckets of Rain Performs Them Live, Sept 1 -9

Baileys Harbor artist, Skye applies Bob Dylan’s lyrics onto huge fabric panels in an art installation she calls, “Shakespeare’s in the Alley.”


“This is a work in progress and a labor of love,” says Skye. “Choosing the songs was difficult at best. I did not yet make it to his most recent work of the late ’90’s/2000’s. I chose fabric to stencil the songs onto with fabric markers because I wanted them to roll like scrolls, yet be pliable and not fragile, as paper could be.”

This body of work will frame the stage at a series of Woodwalk Concerts entitled, “Buckets Of Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan.” On stage at 7 pm on Sept 1-3 and 8-9. The Songs of Bob Dylan will be performed by Tommy Burroughs, Katie Dahl, Rich Higdon, Jeanne Kuhns, Eric Lewis and Patrick Palmer.  You will also be able to visit this display during normal Woodwalk Gallery hours in that week.

Skye describes her artistic vision, “I became enamored with Bob Dylan, his life, writing and music, a few springs ago, after watching the Martin Scorcese film about him, “No Direction Home.” I decided to immerse myself in his body of work (over 600 songs). I wanted to let it wash over me; wrap me like a blanket. I have found his work to be courageous and honest, full of wit and rage, beauty and pain. Dylan turned 70 in May. He has given us five decades of song and performance.”

Skye began as a mixed-media sculptor who had an extensive career working with stone, executing well over 100 works from 1989-1999. She loved the medium but became frustrated with its limitations. In 1997 she began experimenting with fiber, culminating in a body of work, the “Raw Linen Series,” combining fiber, wood and bead embroidery. Skye along with Peter Ciesla also create one of a kind jewelry in their Bazyli Studio located in Baileys Harbor.

“Some of you will read the lyrics for the first time and perhaps go find the song. Some will have heard the song endless times, but might discover the lyrics in a new way. Some will never read the lyrics but will enjoy the piece in an abstract way. Through this process, I have been able to live inside of them until they have become a part of me- letter by letter, word by word, song by song.

Buckets of Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan will be performed on 5 evenings, Sept 1-3 and 8-9 at 7 pm by Tommy Burroughs, Katie Dahl, Rich Higdon, Jeanne Kuhns, Eric Lewis and Patrick Palmer. Tickets are $15, available at the door, but calling for reservations is recommended at 920.868.2912.

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