Rory Walter in the news again…

The “greening” of Door County continues to put pressure on the people and places that make this Peninsula distinctive. Every now and again some newcomer(s) take it upon themselves to “clean up” the neighborhood. It’s all too typical to see someone buy their 5-20 acres, bulldoze in a road and then decide to continue to civilize what was once a beautiful forest or an open meadow. Why do people feel that a scalped, mowed field is better looking than a wild field, full of an ever-changing succession of beautiful colorful flowers? Why on Earth would someone want to lurch around on a riding mower for hours, needlessly burning gas, making their own ears ring for the sake of some tight-assed unnatural aesthetic?

I looked through the Reminder today and saw an ad for someone who is looking for barns to dismantle. In my opinion, this is a criminal action that destroys the very nature of all that is rural about Wisconsin. These agrarian structures should be preserved as historical artifacts, ‘cuz they ain’t building any new ones outa wood. Each one is like an old cathedral or the overturned hull of gigantic sailing ship… Save old barns and bridges!

And just like Haley’s Comet, it seems cyclical that every five or ten years someone decides to make it their own personal mission to try to stir up trouble for Rory Walter. For Christ’s sake, and yes I do mean the Prince of Peace – leave Rory alone! She has devoted her entire life to caring for cast-off animals that no one else will attend to. If you want to do something worthwhile, drop by and lend a hand or drop off a 50 lb. bag of dog food.

You might want to login in and post your thoughts in the land of G: Strays prompt complaints about private Door Co. animal shelter. Here’s the NBC TV 26 August 22-23 “You Ask, We Investigate” Report: Complaints Against a Door County Animal Rescue Center (with video).

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