Dial-up days are fading fast…

I live in a rural Door County location halfway between Fish Creek and Baileys Harbor. Charter Communications provides a great high-speed cable service but, they don’t have a connection “node” in my neighborhood, despite the fact that the cable runs up County A, less than a hundred feet from my home. So, I tried a satellite dish from WildBlue. It was better than dial-up, but not by much. The upload speed was very slow and on rainy days it just didn’t work at all – in either direction. WildBlue never mentioned having a 2GB cap on bandwidth, so in the second month I hit their limit and my service started slowing down dramatically. I called tech support and they had two higher levels of service that would “solve” the problem. It was costing me more than a hundred and twenty dollars a month to connect my office to the Internet when I got a call from Chris Ranly

He’s a Cellcom Agent. Chris brought over a new product being tested in Door County that was hooked up and working, connecting me to the Web in minutes. Cellcom’s new EVDO Rev A wireless router links in to the network using their existing cell phone towers. It even has a built-in battery pack. I can take it to the beach or on board my sailboat and work on-line! It doesn’t require any additional dish attachments or wiring and I can connect to it with a regular ethernet cable or over the wireless network that it creates – so it serves up multiple connections.

Are you ready to leap into the high-speed digital world? Use this form to ask Chris for a free one-month trial to see if this makes you as happy as it does me!

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