Local Door County Doctor, Author and Life Transformational Coach Recent Guest on WPR’s Larry Meiller Show

Local author, Dr. Shaun Melarvie was interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio’s Larry Meiller on Thursday, March 25.

Editor’s note:
I am reading my copy of The Relativity Diet: A Diet Theory of Everything and keep discovering more to talk about and more to do. Last night, I took my copy to the Y and started doing Melarvie’s suggested free-weight workout. His book is like a little encyclopedia, both entertaining and informative, worth exploring by anyone who wishes to learn more about consciousness, diet and exercise. Watch for a forthcoming revue here next issue…

Dr. Shaun Melarvie

Dr. Shaun Melarvie

Melarvie discussed his new book The Relativity Diet: A Diet Theory of Everything (publication date  January 26, 2010).Since it’s early release in November, 2009, The Relativity Diet has sold more than five hundred copies, readers have been losing weight and Dr. Melarvie has been giving numerous presentations around the county, including a seven-week course taught at the Sturgeon Bay YMCA.

It is Dr. Melarvie’s belief that personal empowerment by knowledge of the truth regarding the existence of free will, nutrition and energy balance is key to long-term weight-loss. He couples this with a motivational and compassionate support structure.

Visit www.relativitydiet.com to view upcoming events, schedule a talk or to subscribe for ongoing informative and motivational updates.

Dr. Melarvie says, “Long-term weight-loss can be a reality for you. All that is required is the desire to change and then, all you have to do is start.”

You can enjoy an ongoing journal of Dr. Melarvie’s encouraging perceptions in his blog, Citius, Altius, Fortius and join “The Loser’s Club” – another Melarvie site dedicated to encouraging permanent weight loss. The Relativity Diet is available at local booksellers.

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