Local Door County Doctor Sheds 85 lbs., Writes Life-changing Book on Reversing Obesity

“Losing weight is not so much about changing how you eat, as it is about changing how you think,” says Dr. Shaun Melarvie. “You alone hold the power to change the course of your life.”


Dr. Shaun Melarvie before...

Throughout most of his adult life Dr. Shaun Melarvie struggled with obesity. Following a serious heart condition in 2001, he began a relentless effort to figure it out. It took him five years of contemplation, personal growth and research followed by another three years to coalesce it all into a format that would be accessible to a general audience. “The Relativity Diet: A Diet Theory of Everything,” is a culmination of his effort.

In his new book, Dr. Melarvie addresses “everything” about weight-loss that matters. He explains the medical implications of obesity, including the prevalence and commonly associated medical illnesses, most notably diabetes, in a common sense style that is backed up by recent medical literature. He manages to do this in a pleasing format best described as a hybrid of science and narrative, which more often than not, leaves the reader smiling, if not laughing out loud.

Dr. Shaun Melarvie after...

Dr. Shaun Melarvie after…

“I am definitely outside of my comfort zone, but, this is what I believe,” Melarvie explains after being asked why he tackled such a topic. “At 48 years of age, I feel better than at any point in my life. I want to motivate people, who need help, to move their lives in a different direction. I’ve reached a point in my life (as a surgical specialist) where I want to help others in a manner other than that which involves six inches of sharp, cold steel.”

Books are available online at RelativityDiet.com and at local booksellers as well as at the DCMH gift shop. Future events; book signings, readings, weight-loss presentations, will be forthcoming. Interested individuals may contact Dr. Melarvie at author@relativitydiet.com.

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