Life Skills, a Revolutionary Course in Healing Women’s Relationships, Orientation Mar 29

Nelson Healing Center offers a Life Skills curriculum in “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” throughout spring of 2011.

Dr. Melissa Nelson

Dr. Melissa Nelson recently returned from Aurora, Colorado, home of Life Skills International, Inc. and its founder, Dr. Paul Hegstrom. She completed the Foundational Facilitator Phase 1 training and will be offering related classes for women and men at the Nelson Healing Center,  44 S. 2nd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay. Classes for women will begin on April 5 with an orientation on March 29.  Classes for men are yet to be announced.

Life Skills provides tools that help individuals learn how to rebuild and improve their lives. Adults attend gender-separate classes to learn valuable skills for life from the “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” curriculum. It helps each individual increase their capacity to function in healthy relationships. Even if you are in an abusive relationship, experiencing marriage problems, trying to break patterns of the past… Life Skills works for people in all of these situations.

“We weren’t born with a ‘Life Manual’ on how to live a happy and successful life,” says Dr. Nelson. “We dedicate a great deal of time in education; improving job skills, training, and learning about life, yet many times we feel like we are ending up with something missing. In Life Skills we focus on developing our core character which develops us into being a better person, spouse, family member, employee, business owner or manager.”

After 4 year of working with Life Skills International for her own personal growth, Dr. Melissa Nelson decided to become a trained facilitator and bring these classes to the Nelson Healing Center in Sturgeon Bay.

“I feel that it’s important to share what I discovered working with Paul Hegstrom and Life Skills,” says Dr. Nelson, “because of the profound effect it has had in healing my own personal, professional and family relationships, as well as how it has enhanced my own personal growth.”

She explains that painful memories that remain unresolved from our childhood cause reactive behaviors in our adult life and will destroy our potential for happiness and success as an individual. This damages our ability to have healthy relationships and may cause us to sabotage our relationships with loved ones, ourselves and our careers. All of this frequently causes anger within, leading us to express that anger in a negative manner.

Do you want more from your communication with your spouse, children, friend, co-worker, boss or anyone?  Whether you are struggling in a specific area or just want more out of life, Dr. Nelso knows from personal experience that this course can help you make a break through. Whatever your situation in life may be, we can all benefit from Life Skills.

Life skills, taught to help bring about a change in behavior, are delivered in classes designed for men or women, in a safe and private environment. Class time includes working through a student workbook, discussing the material and watching class-related videos. Classes usually meet 3 hours each week for 26 weeks, totaling over 78 hours of intense study and education. Each person is treated with tremendous respect and dignity as the facilitators present the curriculum through oral presentation, workbook study, group discussion, videos, and other visual aides.

Classes for women begin on Thursday, April 5 and meet each week through September 27 with an orientation on March 29 from 6 – 8 pm.  Classes for men are yet to be announced.

Free consultations available at Nelson Healing Center. Please call 920.818.0045 for registration.

Cost: Sliding fee scale according to annual income

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