Door-Tran Offers Free Countywide Car Pool Matching

Door-Tran expands its transportation information and referral communication center to include free car pool matching services. Residents and people who work in Door County now have an opportunity to find out what car pooling options and partners they may have.

To get started or to learn more about Door-Tran’s local car pool matching service, please call Pam Busch at 920.743.9999 or 877.330.6333. Each person must complete an application which includes information such as beginning and ending points of travel, time traveled, and car pool preferences. Applications may be completed via mail or in person at 1300 Egg Harbor Road, Ste 124, Sturgeon Bay, fax 920.743.4504, e-mail or on-line at

Once applications are received, manual matches will be done by Door-Tran staff. When a car pool match is found, each person will be contacted and given their partners information to include name, cell number or email. Door-Tran staff will not give out any home phone numbers or addresses. It is then up to the applicant to contact their car pool partner(s) directly to make arrangements. Once an application and a match are found, it is the choice of the person to talk with partners and set up the car pool.

With fuel costs fluctuating, car pooling with one other person, three days per week, can save over $4,000 per year. Without car pooling, a 30 mile, one-way commute traveling five days per week costs approximately $8,775. You can learn more about your commuting costs and possible savings along with facts on how car pooling is environmentally friendly at This website also allows for a person to complete a car pool matching application on a statewide level and is operated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Door-Tran will continue its transportation information and referral service. Anyone needing transportation can call Pam to find out what their options are and what current providers travel in the area they need. This system is also being used to track unmet needs in order to implement transportation programs in the future which are affordable, available, and accessible.

Door-Tran was implemented through the Door County Transportation Consortium whose vision is of a self-sustaining, community driven affordable, available, and accessible transportation system for Door County. Currently, the Door County Transportation Consortium meets quarterly and has 43 members made up of nonprofit providers, for-profit providers, nonprofits, businesses, private citizens, and government agencies. The Governing Council meets monthly along with several sub-committees working on several projects. If you are interested in joining the Consortium please call Pam at 920.743.9999 or 877.330.6333.

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