Good News! Door County Cherries are Available for Local Consumption and at Pick-your-own Orchards

The Wisconsin Cherry Growers say that even though this year’s cherry crop is much lower than usual, Door County cherries are available for purchase this season.

Despite the news about a reduced cherry crop in Door County this summer, there are cherries available for pick-your-own and local purchase!

“We originally anticipated a crop of 500,000 pounds out of a potential 12,000,000 pounds,” says Terry Sorenson, President of Wisconsin Cherry Growers, Inc..  “That number now looks to exceed 700,000 pounds.  This allows for plenty of cherries for the local farm markets.”

Unseasonably warm temperatures in March left many fruit tree growers in Northeast Wisconsin with buds that were so advanced that it was impossible to expect that all could have survived the normal freezing temperatures of April. Damage arrived in late March when the trees were exposed to a wind freeze while at a very sensitive stage, which led to a somewhat reduced crop size.

Tart cherry harvest will begin next week for the most part – a full three weeks earlier than normal. Sweet cherries are already on the market. Visitors to Door County can rest assured that that local farm markets will be fully stocked with cherries and some pick-your-own orchards will be open for business.

“Cherry season is here,” adds Sorenson.  “It may be a little briefer than usual, but it’s here!”

For more information on Door County cherries, including a map of growers visit

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