Door Community Foundation Supports Clinic’s Goal; Priceless Health Care for a Valued Populace

The Community Clinic of Door County (CCDC) is recipient of a Health & Human Services Grant from the Door County Community Foundation.

Since its inception in 2005, CCDC continues to serve the peninsula’s uninsured by providing primary (non-emergency) health care, mental health care and complementary care for those in need – regardless of their ability to pay. The total number of new patients to CCDC for primary health services in 2009 increased 30% over 2008’s figures. Most patients come to the Clinic with multiple diagnoses and/or conditions and require a greater degree of care regarding on-going lab testing and prescription medications to help manage various chronic conditions.

With support provided by the Door County Community Foundation, the Community Clinic is better prepared to provide diagnostically relevant laboratory testing to all patients whom require it, and to provide all necessary prescriptions to those patients who require medication. For patients requiring diagnostically relevant lab testing, CCDC uses the most cost-effective means of obtaining laboratory tests, and when appropriate, in-house labs are performed on-site to keep costs low. If more advanced lab testing is required, CCDC staff works with a network of other community providers to ensure patients receive vital tests through other means.

In addition, CCDC maintains an in-house medication room where a wide variety of frequently prescribed generic drugs and drug samples are kept in stock. For patients requiring long-term use or brand name prescription medication and who meet eligibility guidelines, CCDC staff assists with enrollment into medication assistance programs (MAPs) that are offered through most major pharmaceutical companies.

CCDC is a 501(c ) 3 non-profit organization; CCDC receives no federal, state, or insurance payments for patient services. CCDC receives zero dollars in reimbursements and relies on generous donations from churches, businesses, foundations and individuals. To learn more about CCDC please contact Laura Moeller at 920.746.8989 or visit their website at:

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