Award-Winning Native Artist, Dick Mindykowski Visits Door County’s Path & Paddle Outfitters in Sturgeon Bay, May 29

Dick Mindykowski, a member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, will be creating, discussing and exhibiting his traditional works of art at Path & Paddle Outfitters, 210 S. 1st Ave., Sturgeon Bay.

Dick Mindykowski

Dick Mindykowski

Dick Mindykowski creates walking sticks, dancing staffs, tomahawks, turtle rattles, shields, dreamcatchers and necklaces using natural materials gathered entirely from the woodland environment. He traps fur bearers, harvests tree branches and gathers stones polished by wind and water.

All of the earth’s four orders find representation in Dick’s artwork. The stones, tree branches and furs represent the first three orders, physical, plant, and animal worlds. Dick’s essence represents the last order – the human world. He bestows a sense of his own meaning and passion upon each piece.

All of the materials that Dick utilizes hold special meaning to the Ojibwe and he graciously educates visitors regarding their meanings and symbolism, including the use of specific animal furs. Spending time outdoors is the fundamental motivation behind Dick’s artwork. He finds solace among the trees, listening to and watching the forest activities. He feels extremely grateful for these experiences and uses his artwork to, “give something back to the journey of life.”

You can meet artist Dick Mindykowski on the Patio at Path & Paddle on Saturday, May 29 from 10 am until 4 pm.

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