8th CD Congressional Candidate Terri McCormick Signs Pledge to Uphold 8 Principles of Governance for Northeast Wisconsin

Limited Government, Reducing the Deficit, and Principles of Good Governance are McCormick’s watch words as she expands her Door County and Eighth Congressional District election campaign.

Terri McCormick

Terri McCormick

Terri McCormick, Republican Congressional candidate in Wisconsin’s Eighth District, today signed an eight-plank pledge to the voters of northeast Wisconsin, promising she will never allow for the purchase of her vote in Congress by special interests, fend off legislation that is wrong for northeast Wisconsin (such as any government bailouts of private industry or expanding government control of private sector functions), and fight for limited government even if it requires her to buck political party lines.

“Washington, DC has become too much like a game of chess to the politicians and special interest groups,” says Terri McCormick, “Our country is in serious danger and northeast Wisconsin needs to elect a problem-solver who puts principles and country ahead of the powerbroker special interests.”

McCormick served in the legislature from 2001 to 2007 and has a record of passing bipartisan legislation that advances the free-market principles she holds dear.

“This pledge is a personal commitment from me to the voters.  I intend to be held to account and look forward to the opportunity to represent northeast Wisconsin in Congress,” says McCormick.  “Rest assured that I have a record of bucking the party line.  If the Republican Party is going to spend like it did during the George W. Bush Administration, I will be there to say, ‘Enough already’!” continues McCormick, “because our children’s future is at stake and we must stop the overspending now.”

View the full pledge here and learn more about Terri McCormick at her campaign Website.

Eighth Congressional District Candidate is Committed to Limited Government, Reducing the Deficit, and Principles of Good Governance

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