2012 The Mayan Prophecy with Alida Quetzal at Nelson Healing Center, Aug 21

Alida Quetzal will present a Door County Lecture and Prayer Ceremony interpreting the Mayan vision of 2012 on Saturday, August 21 from 10:30 am – Noon in Sturgeon Bay at the Nelson Healing Center (free-will offering).

Alida Quetzal

Alida Quetzal

Alida Quetzal was born in Mexico, a descendant of the Maya culture and grand-daughter of a great healer and spiritual teacher. This grandmother influenced her into the path of healing.

Since her childhood, she has been on a journey of personal transformation. Using the frequency of love as a gift from her ancestors, Alida works with DNA at the cellular level. These frequencies heal body, mind and spirit by reawakening and reconnecting the self with divinity, where all things are possible.

After coming to the United States, she has continued her journey by becoming a National Certified Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master.

“Many beings have come to the Earth at this time to fulfill a purpose: assist humanity to evolve and transform the planet,” says Alida. “Now is the time of transition and shifting consciousness. The Maya understood these cycles and shifts and developed a system to measure and predict these changes with a sophisticated calendar and deep understanding of galactic cycles based on the 26,000 year long count.”

She explains that at the center are the Maya people of Central America, represented by a Quetzal bird. “To the North of the Maya lies the North American Eagle, and to the South of the Maya lies the South American Condor. Unification of these cultures is one of the keys to the global transformation.”

Alida has frequently traveled to Mexico, Central and South America to gain a deeper understanding of the wisdom of these ancient cultures and their sacred sites. The Ancient Ones, The Star Elders and Ascended Masters all say that wisdom and truth is a river within you and an open heart, unconditional love and joyful spirit are the keys to the evolution of humanity.

Alida is passionate about the unity and interconnectedness of all life on this planet and believes that peace, love and grace are our natural state of being. We are creators of our own reality and, as we transform ourselves, our shifting consciousness will change our world. Alida is interested in traveling this planet to discover connections between nature and consciousness for the transformational insights she can share with others.

Alida feels it is a blessing and honor to share what she has discovered and will joyfully assist others in their own spiritual journeys.

Alida’s practice at Wings of Change is dedicated to encouraging you to achieve your own healing and personal transformation in the most compassionate and loving way.

Beauty and love for all.

Let us not loose hope.
We will be the ones of always.
The Maya prophecy tells us so.
We are the ones from yesterday.
We are the ones from now.
We will be the ones for tomorrow.

– Grandfather Tata. (Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj)

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Alida will accept 15 min, 30 min and 1 hour private sessions ($15, $30 and $60) by appointment at Nelson Healing Center throughout the afternoon. You may call her with questions at 920.915.0629 and call the clinic at 920.818.0045 to make an appointment.

The Nelson Healing Center is located at 44 S. 2nd Avenue in Sturgeon Bay. You can find out about other services, classes and learning opportunities online at www.NelsonHealingCenter.com.

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