VIDEOS “Jimmy Kaplan & Friends” in Concert at Camp David Featuring Singers Whitney Allen and Holly Feldman with Eric Lewis and Hans Christian

On Sunday, July 26 Whitney Allen, Jenny Bienemann (and her husband Robin and daughter, Jessica Smith), Hans Christian, Katie Dahl (with guest bass players – Rich Higdon and Molly Rhode), Holly Feldman, Lynn Gudmundsen, Jeanne Kuhns, Eric Lewis, Matt Zembrowski and belly dancer Sarisha joined Jimmy Kaplan for a memorable concert at Camp David in Fish Creek.

I was there and captured the following performances on video…

“Everybody Loves A Clown” sung by Whitney Allen

“‘Fishing for the Moon,’ was the first show Fred and I wrote together, and it premiered in the summer of 1992,” says Jimmy Kaplan. “We went back and re-wrote the show for a 1999 production and replaced several songs. Whitney (Allen) had originated the role of the school teacher, singing a song called ‘Why Do the Dumb Ones Always Turn Out to Be So Smart?’ In the 1999 production, we created the song ‘Everybody Loves A Clown.’ Whitney was not in that production, but it all came full circle when she finally performed the number on Sunday.”

“The Promise” is a song that Fred Alley wrote in the late 1980s and is also sung by Whitney Allen

Jimmy Kaplan recalls, “When I first met Fred in 1990, he had been recording some songs with Hans Christian in San Francisco, and this was among them. He also recorded it in 1994 with Mark Thiede for the Door County Music Sampler. It is a deceptively simple piece of music, and I think it is one of Fred’s best collection of images. We did a show in Milwaukee called “The One That Got Away,” and Whitney sang the same version of that song as she performed at Camp David on Sunday.”

“White Bird” sung by Holly Feldman

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