Sleep Dealer Comes to Door County, Next in Green’s N Grains Thursday Night Film Series, Nov 19

The bi-weekly Dinner and a Movie nights at Greens N Grains Deli will present an award-winning sci-fi film on Thursday, November 19 at 7 pm.

Set in Mexico in the near future, “Sleep Dealer” predicts a fantasy future that seriously imagines where our world might be going – a science-fiction with many anchors set in today’s reality. The concept of a planet connected by technology, but divided by borders, is the central concept of the film.

“I made Sleep Dealer first and foremost because I love science fiction,” says director, Alex Rivera. “I grew up reading The Martian Chronicles and, of course, watching Star Wars. As a teenager I was fascinated by films like Brazil and Blade Runner. However, as I got older, I realized that despite the genre’s wild stories and countless special effects, there were some things that were unimaginable – and that maybe there was an opportunity to do something radically new with sci-fi.”

In the world of Sleep Dealer, borders are sealed and immigrants no longer come to America. They stay in their home countries, connect their bodies to ‘the net,’ and send their pure labor to robots in America. Winner of two prestigious awards at the Sundance Film Festival, and nominated for both the Gotham Awards and Independent Spirit Awards, this groundbreaking film has been praised by critics and audiences alike.

“Sleep Dealer is my first film. It’s not anything like a Star Wars or a Blade Runner,” says Rivera. “In many ways it’s a humble film. But it’s also an honest attempt to use science fiction film to say something new, and something true, about our world today. I hope you enjoy it.”

The film will be shown in the loft above the Deli at Greens N Grains grocery in downtown Egg Harbor and screenings are free – however, the seating is limited to 30 persons. You may make a seating reservation by calling 920.868.9999 or by email at

“The $6.50 natural and organic dinner special; soup, salad, a fresh baked roll and tea will feature another tasty example of the Deli’s specialties,” says Kathy Navis, store owner. “We start serving at 6 pm with the film screening at 7 pm. The dinner special is available to anyone without reservations, but our film seating is limited.”

Greens N Grains Natural Foods and Deli is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm – except on movie nights when they remain open until 9 pm – in downtown Egg Harbor at 7821 Hwy 42, and can be reached at 920.868.9999 or by email at The store’s Website features film trailers, news and special monthly discount flyers at

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