Railroaded by NAFTA/CAFTA: The Perilous Journey From Central America to the States at UU, Oct 14

Come learn about Central American migrants’ journey north, and how US trade policies and military aid affect the increasing violence in Mexico on Friday, October 14, at 7 pm at UUFDC, 10341 Water St. Ephraim.

Nancy Garcia

Nancy Garcia

Nancy Garcia is visiting from Oaxaca, Mexico, where she works for the non-profit migrant support Center for the Orientation of Migrants (COMI). Nancy’s presentation will help us to see the human face of those forced to leave their homes and native culture due to economic displacement, fueled by US trade and military aid policies in Latin America.

COMI is integrally linked to the national migrant support network and provides services such as workshops and orientation for migrants and a point of contact and referral for family members of migrants trying to locate their displaced loved ones. Nancy will speak about migration trends in Oaxaca (as a place of origin, transit, and return) and about the experience of migrants from Central America as they travel across Mexico.

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