Petrie takes Door County YMCA Labor Day Run Duathlon

FISH CREEK, WI – The Door County YMCA’s 7th Annual Labor Day Weekend Run drew competitors from all over the state. More than 250 people took place in the event, with over 100 of those in the new duathlon event. This Weekend Run at the Northern Door YMCA Program Center featured a number of optional events: a 5k Run/Walk, a quarter-mile children’s race and a new duathlon this year that required a 2-mile run, followed by a 12-mile bike time trial and then another 2-mile run.

“The annual Labor Day run has been a great event for 6 years. We just wanted to add some new flavor to it with the duathlon in hopes of creating a challenge that hasn’t been seen in Door County for a few years now,“says Matt Luders, Director of the Northern Door YMCA. “With all three events we were able to attract a very diverse group of competitors. I saw families enjoying the festivities together as well as the serious athlete competing.”

Overall winner of the duathlon in a time of 52 minutes and 32 seconds was Tim Petrie from Fond Du Lac, Wis. Overall winner for the 5K in a time of 16 minutes and 8 seconds was Chris Horvat from Sturgeon Bay.

“I am very excited to see where we can take the Labor Day Weekend Run and duathlon,” says Luders. “We had lots of positive feedback to make us believe the event will only continue to grow!”

Male/Age Divisions

19 and under
Tyler Gorski 1:25.10

Tim Petrie 52:32
Rodee Schneider 57:54
Jacob Danen 1:06.13
Andrew Holdmann 1:06.42
Daniel Krueger 1:13.50
Jonathon Prestaf 1:14.14
Eric Dees 1:23.46
Andy Trigstad 1:27.10
Ben Daniels 1:27.35
Mike Marshall 1:30.40

John Ruiz 1:02.42
Curt Kukouser 1:09.52
Scott Fahy 1:12.28
Richard Conrad 1:26.35
Brian Stephens 1:34.44
Phil Sautebin 1:59.02

Michael Paul 1:00.39
Dan Resnick 1:02.27
Tim Dull 1:04.15
Greg Stillman 1:07.40
Jay Hazen 1:07.44
Jerry Burke 1:11.21
Mike Bors 1:11.32
Brent Debenedet 1:14.24
Gregory LeCloux 1:15.31
John Olmoer 1:18.07
Kevin Boreen 1:18.20
Kirk Knutson 1:27.09

Sverre Falck-Pedersen 1:00.44
Tom Mulnix 1:06.37
George Maline 1:10.38
Paul McDonough 1:12.02
Mark Breseman 1:12.18
Mark Honold 1:12.36
Greg Schneider 1:13.33
David McDonough 1:15.03
Peter Rasmussen 1:18.24
Pat Saladin 1:19.48
Robert Snyder 1:31.55
Thomas Notermann 1:36.57
Jon Beggs 1:39.30

Harold Degenhardt 1:14.59
David Hobler 1:22.23
Stephen Kastner 1:32.40

Female/Age Divisions

19 and under
Allison Maling 1:19.08
Margo Lee 1:26.35
Kristen Maling 1:30.50

Venessa Bailey 1:12.50
Dana Krueger 1:20.26
Elizabeth Pfeifer 1:28.07
Julie Wilson 1:31.27
Alyssa Boreen 1:47.12

Tracey Jilot 1:15.13
Carla Jorns 1:16.25
Jennifer Meyers 1:17.20
Theresa Oles 1:19.39
Vinnie Chomeau 1:20.59
Kathra Clark 1:23.00
Renee Hemauer 1:24.24
Amy Stephans 1:49.11
Becky Sautebin 1:59.01

Nicole Resnick 1:09.14
Carol Mulnix 1:12.23
Jodie Schartner 1:12.35
Jolene Wilson 1:12.42
Marian Wilkerson 1:14.36
Maureen Wohnrade 1:16.12
Barb Enigl 1:17.13
Debbi Neuville 1:19.26
Debbie Kordon 1:19.59
Joy Zakrewski 1:24.01\
Amy Jacobs 1:26.46
Mary Knutson 1:27.08
Deb Whitelaw-Gorski 1:30.12
Kathy Kiefer 1:30.13
Jenene Schwarz 1:34.38
Cheri Boreen 1:47.12

Maria LeCloux 1:26.36
Cindy Carter 1:36.17
Kathy Beggs 1:39.27
Diane Carr 1:39.33

Joan Wilson 1:36.45
Carol McDonough 1:36.53

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