Petition to Save Historic Egg Harbor Landmark to be Presented at April 9 Board Meeting

President Nancy Fisher says the Village of Egg Harbor Board Meeting, to be held at Paul J. Bertschinger Community Center, 7860 Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor on April 9 at 6 pm, will provide time for public commentary.

Lena’s Sip & Chat

Egg Harbor's Carmody Hotel building, once known as Lena’s Sip & Chat

A classic Door County bar and dance hall built in 1935 is slated for destruction without any study or survey of public opinion and without any exploration of the possible options regarding restoration or re purposing. We feel that it is not in the best interests of the region to see Egg Harbor lose a part of its historic identity as it moves toward looking like any other generic suburban town. Landmark structures cannot be replaced and with each loss, the threads that connect people to their heritage are sacrificed.

The online petition, to be delivered to Nancy Fisher, Egg Harbor Village President at the April 9, 2012 Village Board meeting, states the following:

The Village of Egg Harbor legislators should undertake a complete study that includes all of the options and costs to build or re purpose the existing 1935 landmark building once known as Lena’s Sip & Chat. The evaluation should also consider public sentiment as well as the opinion of experts in Wisconsin’s historical architecture.

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