VIDEO: Peninsula State Park’s 2009 Muzzleloader’s Deer Hunting Season Open Nov 21 – 29

Peninsula State Park will be open to deer gun hunting (muzzleloaders only) November 21 – 29, 2009.

Only Muzzleloaders may be used to hunt deer during the November 21 – 29, 2009 firearm season. Please see the 2009 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations for muzzleloader restrictions. Each firearm must be unloaded and enclosed within a carrying case when in or on a motor vehicle or within a closed area of the park.

The goal of Peninsula’s hunt is to protect the Park’s vegetation from the effects of a sizable deer herd. Hunters’ efforts to harvest antlerless deer are an integral part of this resource management effort.

Some areas of the park are posted as closed areas (see map). Hunters may not pursue wounded deer into closed areas or drive deer from closed areas. Park employees must be informed by the hunter of the location of any wounded animal within the closed area. They may then assist the hunter in recovering the deer.

Most roads within and surrounding the Hunting Zones will be barricaded and closed to motor vehicles. Hunters shall
use parking areas as posted on the map. In no instance shall motor vehicles be operated off of paved roadways.
All rules pertaining to road hunting apply. Hunters shall use special caution and avoid hunting near roads or
trails used by non-hunters, as noted on deer hunting map.

Note: A muzzleloader is considered unloaded if the cap is removed from a cap lock muzzleloader, or the flash pan is cleaned on a flint-lock muzzleloader. The ball and powder may remain in the barrel, except that the powder and projectile must be removed from the barrel of an electronic ignition muzzleloader.

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