Native American Phillip Whiteman, Jr. Teaches the Medicine Wheel Model and Spiritual Horsemanship, Sept 10–11

Phillip Whiteman, Jr., a nationally-known Indian cultural consultant, storyteller and horseman will present a 2-day workshop, “The Coming of the New Moon: Shedding, Cleansing, Purifying, Letting go of the Old Ways.”

Phillip Whiteman, Jr.

Phillip Whiteman, Jr. will explain how he applies Native American spiritual philosophy and practices to everyday life. The first day at Nelson Healing Center, Philip will share the oral history and philosophy pertaining to the foundational teachings of the Medicine Wheel Model (MWM). He will speak about the purification times we are now in, the natural laws of gravity and balance, the four directions, the colors, seasons and the stages of life.

The second day at Idlewild Farms, he will demonstrate the spiritual connections that exist between horse and horseman as explained in the philosophy of the Medicine Wheel Model. Long before the horse whisperers of today, Plains Indians were recognized for their seemingly-innate mastery of effortless communication with horses. You will learn the philosophy and concepts of the MWM and how it pertains to horse and human. “Hands on” with horses, you will gain an understanding of the model practicing what Philip teaches: The horse’s four sides, behaviors, what to watch for in body language, the importance of the rights of passage. He will also cover: working with a horse, ground-work, leading from the back, working with an untrained colt, utilizing the negotiation process (fear, escaping, anger, denial and acceptance) and showing how humans go through the same processes. He will close with a Talking Circle.

“Society teaches us that we have to dominate, and overpower the horse to teach it,” Phillip states. ”But my traditions and culture, and my understanding of the horse teach me that by working with the horse’s spirit, and believing that we are one, the horse will do what I ask.”

As a recognized horse trainer and a holistic thinker, Phillip realized early-on that the spiritual model he had developed for horses is universal and applies to all human experiences, including our interactions with each other. The very same approach of inferiority and superiority that damages the spirit of a horse does the same to our relationships with other people, “and you must learn to interact with their spirit in a non-threatening and non-confrontational manner.” Thus, he teaches people how to use the Medicine Wheel Model for personal growth.

Phillip is a Champion Grass Dancer know for dancing the “old style” of Northern Cheyenne Grass Dancing and has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe performing and sharing his knowledge and talents with people of all ages and from all walks of life. He recently served as Northern Cheyenne Culture and Language Consultant for Steven Speilberg during the filming of “Into the West.” Phillip’s workshop presentations include traditional story-telling and songs that share a powerful and inspirational message of hope. His first CD, “Spirit Seeker – Stories and Songs for the Spirit,” has received national critical acclaim.

"By working with the horse’s spirit, and believing that we are one, the horse will do what I ask." Phillip Whiteman, Jr.

On Saturday, September 10, Phillip Whiteman, Jr. will teach the Medicine Wheel Model in a full-day workshop from 9 am – 5 pm at the Nelson Healing Center. On Sunday, September 11 he will demonstrate and teach using live horses from 9:30 am – 4 pm at Idlewild Farms, 10 minutes south of Sturgeon Bay. You may attend either one or both days. The fee is $75 per day and lunch is included. Call 920.818.0045 to register or learn more on-line at

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