League of Women Voters of Door County Objects to Speedy Redistricting of Wisconsin

In the Green Bay area, new lines were carefully redrawn to exclude candidate Nancy Nussbaum running in the recall election of State Sen. Rob Cowles, placing her outside of her own district by 3 houses!

Dane County redistricting map shows before and after restructuring the districts. Look at district 47 which was on the north edge of the county and is now on the south edge. District 48 gets turned into fractal lace.

Dear Editor:

The League of Women Voters of Door County urges Governor Scott Walker to reject the redistricting proposals that have been hastily passed by the state legislature. We also urge citizens to let their elected officials that the state redistricting process we have recently witnessed is unacceptable.

The once-a-decade redistricting process should not be rushed for partisan gain. Properly noticed public hearings around the state, open meetings and full transparency are essential so that citizens can participate and have faith in the outcome. The proposals should be considered by the appropriate committees in both houses of the legislature, with an executive session and committee vote in each house.

Wisconsin’s current redistricting process has been underway in the local municipalities for several months where citizens have been working to draw county supervisory districts and municipal wards.  Ignoring their work and imposing a new process midway through is an insult to the time and money they have already spent on their work.  It is also not a sound way to guarantee the best results.  Allowing local municipalities to complete their wards and districts and using them as the building blocks for the state and federal districts ensures that communities of interest, groups of citizens with shared needs and identities, are respected and accounted for.

Adopting congressional and state legislative district maps at this time after rushing them through does not allow the citizens of the state the opportunity to review them they deserve.  This is simply an unacceptable way for Wisconsin government to conduct its business.

Wisconsin’s citizens deserve better.  We call on Governor Walker not to sign these bills but rather to send the maps back to the Legislature urging them to take the time to follow an open and transparent process. By providing ample opportunity for input from local officials and the participation of citizens around the state, this would help to restore public faith and trust in our state government.

Shirley Senarighi, President

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