Jane Austen Brought to Life in Upcoming PMF Concert, Feb 17

Associate conductor Stephen Alltop and soprano/violinist Josefien Stoppelenburg will present a program on Friday, February 17 at the Ephraim Moravian Church., entitled The Music of Jane Austen as part of the Peninsula Music Festival’s annual February Fest.

The 7 pm concert will be a program of romance, humor and beautiful music celebrating the 200th anniversary of the printing of Sense and Sensibility, featuring composers loved by Jane Austen complimented by Stephen Alltop’s historical narrative. Jane Austen played the piano every day and this concert will highlight the music she loved and played. The program includes the music of Beethoven, Schubert, Clementi, Handel and more. There will be a reception immediately following the concert.

As part of the Festival’s on going education outreach programs, Stephen and Josefien will be at Gibraltar School on Friday morning. They will visit two English 12 classes as well as the AP Literature class. All three classes are currently reading and studying the novels of Jane Austen so the timing couldn’t be better. Stephen has done extensive study on Jane Austen’s life and love of music and will share this information with the classes. Additionally, each student will receive a copy of Sense and Sensibility as a gift from the Peninsula Music Festival.

Josefien Stoppelenburg is also an artist, as well as being an accomplished musician and says that painting is her second love. As a thank you to the Peninsula Music Festival, she has produced a painting inspired by this concert that will be auctioned off at the Friday, February 17 concert. The painting is valued at $500 and silent auction bidding will begin at $250. Josefien has had several exhibitions in the Netherlands and was the featured artist in an exhibition of her work at Gallery 3 in Manitowoc in September of last year.

General admission seating is just $30 per person, per concert. Student tickets are available at just $10. Reservations can be made on line at www.musicfestival.com or by calling the Festival office at 920.854.4060. No tickets are issued for these concerts. Names will be on a guest list at each concert. The February Fest is made possible thanks to generous donations from Doug Peterson & Joan E. Mills, Gen Follingstad and the Peninsula Music Festival Sustaining Committee.

The Peninsula Music Festival is a professional symphony orchestra that presents nine different symphonic concerts in three weeks each August in Door County, Wisconsin. Details on all the concerts and programs are available on the Festival’s Website.

February Fest II – The Music of Jane Austen
Friday, February 17, 2012, 7 pm
Ephraim Moravian Church

Josefien Stoppelenburg, Soprano & Violin
Stephen Alltop, Narrator & Piano

The Year 1811
: An die Geliebte
Schubert: Des Mädchen’s Klage

Jane at the Piano

Clementi: Sonatina Op. 36 No. 1
Pleyel: Menuet & Rondo for pianoforte or harpsichord
František Kočvara: The Battle of Prague

Jane’s Favorites

Handel: “Chastity, Thou Cherub Bright” from Susanna
Charles Dibdin: Moorings
Stephen Storace: “How Mistaken is the Lover” (The Doctor and The Apothecary)

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