I’m an Egg Harbor Dog Searching Door County for a Little Puppy Love

My name is Rover and I’m really busy just being an Egg Harbor dog but, I have a plan to create a dog park for me and all my furry friends.

My days are pretty jammed but, even with my busy schedule, I do have time to play. Unfortunately, I don’t have a place to play. I heard my master talking to that mutt, Spot’s master the other day and he said the Village of Egg Harbor wants to build a dog park at the corner of Harbor School and Church Street, kinda over by the fire station. Well, two paws up on that idea and woof woof!

If we have a dog park, I can go run, jump and play with my homies to my heart’s content and if we’re lucky maybe Fifi’s owner will bring her, too!  Oh, but I digress…

So, all that’s standing in the way of eternal doggie bliss is money for a fence – so we don’t become a nuisance! That’s why I am putting up a howl, asking if you would be willing to donate to the park. We’re gonna need $20,000 to complete the park and the Village isn’t going to pay for it ’cause they are already donating the use of the land. Help me and my homies get a place to run!

A 10 ft stretch of fence is yours for $200 and you can put your dog’s name on it (or anybody’s, I guess). My owner has already told me there is going to be a Rover section! If you donate $500 you will be buying a picnic table, and woof! woof! You can name that, too. It sure would be classy to be a dog in the Village with your own picnic table! And, if you want to help the humans, a $1000 donation will build a shelter.

So c’mon… do your dog a favor. Just look at all we do for you!

Here’s the scoop:

  • For a $200 donation, you are sponsoring a 10’ fence section. Each 10’ section will have a metal plaque giving the donor’s name or memorial dedication.
  • A $500 donation will buy a picnic table with, of course, a plaque acknowledging your gift.
  • A donation in the amount of $1000 will provide the weather shelter.
  • A donation of any amount will be acknowledged with a listing on our Donors’ Registry and a bag of dog treats, courtesy of Greens n’ Grains.

Sorry but, this is not a 501 c3 donation and therefore is not tax deductible. But please, make out your check to “Harbor Hounds,” include your mailing address, e-mail address and send your donation to:

Harbor Hounds
5110 Alpen Lane
Egg Harbor, WI 54209

You will receive an e-mail confirmation and regular updates on our progress toward building Harbor Hounds Dog Park in 2011!

Thanks very much!

Please, contact Kathy Navis  920.868.9999 or Nancy Fisher 920.868.1693 for more information.
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