From Mozart to Valmy in 59.44 seconds

Under the reflection of a full moon and a warm summer evening breeze the delicious tones of one of Mozart’s most famous operas graced my senses Saturdey evening at the Peninsula Music Festival‘s first ever presentation of Così fan tutte. The title may be roughly translated to “Women are like that…” a story about infidelity and the fleeting nature of a woman’s heart. Seems like my own cultural discipline is just as fleeting… this afternoon I am off to Valmy to catch the pig-wrestling… maybe dance a little Polka. Yah hey!

Paige Funkhouser, staff reporter for the Door County Advocate interviews Ralph Bochek, announcer for the Valmy Thresheree Pig Wrestling 2007. And here’s a glimpse of what you may be missing today in Door County…

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