Egg Harbor Board Votes for Immediate Demolition of Historical Lena’s Sip & Chat Building

By a four to one vote, Lena’s is lost to the wrecking crew. It will be gone in 30 days.

There were a lot of terms tossed about by experts and individuals at the April 9 meeting of the Egg Harbor Village Board. Eyesore, firetrap, blight and run-down bar quickly come to mind… but the most disappointing observation I can share is the feeling that all of this was just a show. Bob Dickson was the only member of the board to have the courage to ask for a 90-day waiting period in which a historical analysis of the Lena’s building could be undertaken.

It turns out that the online auction of Lena’s equipment and architectural components that closed this morning was launched by the former property owner, David Cowles, not by the Village. Despite that finding, Village Board President Nancy Fisher also had two demolition contractor bids ready for a vote following the approval of her motion to destroy the landmark historical property at 7740 Highway 42.

Several individuals spoke for and against the effort to explore the historical significance and possible restoration of the structure. Of the opponents, board member Bruce Hill was most eloquent in his pledge to see that the design of a new structure would be distinctive and seek to honor the spirit of Egg Harbor’s traditional look and feel in tune with the neighboring Carmody House.

Remembering Lena’s
by Buzz Madsen

This is an ode to ‘ol Lena,
as this landmark is leaving the scene. Ah,
They shan’t spare the ball;
they’ll leave nothing at all.
The village board couldn’t be meana.

Each battle lost, at least serves the purpose of gathering those in favor of preserving heritage architecture together, organizing them and bringing greater focus on the issue of heritage tourism in Door County. There will be many more and similar campaigns in the future! Let’s honor and respect the many individuals, businesses and other groups who work to restore and repurpose Door County’s architectural heritage… and there are many of them.

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