Downtown Sturgeon Bay Under an Embargo?

The classic Steel Bridge that connects the main artery of downtown Sturgeon Bay remains drawn, in an upright position. Traffic is detoured in a manner that significantly impacts the former bedrock businesses located along that broken artery. It has been this way for more than 7 months, with no firm date set for commencement of restoration.

Christie Weber encourages anyone who cares about the seeming embargo imposed on downtown Sturgeon Bay to…”Please write letters to the editors of the Green Bay Press Gazette, Door County Advocate and in Madison to your local papers asking the Governor to use a portion of the Federal stimulus money to finally get the Steel Bridge in Door County fast-tracked and restored ASAP. This one-of-a-kind bridge, listed on the National Register, is not only a needed bridge in the community and a local icon, but what a great gift that would be to the State and the Nation to finally see our historic Michigan Street Bridge in Door County restored for all.”

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