Door County’s creepy teens…

Last Saturday night I ventured south to Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy with my young son Simon. We were on a mission to see see if we could make it through the Haunted Corn Maze. This annual ritual of fear is one that I have attended faithfully each fall since it’s inception. Dairy View owners, Dennis and Roxie Schopf go out of their way to provide the Sevastopol Junior Class with this annual fund raising opportunity. And this year, those creepy teens returned with an equally stellar performance.

Make your way there this Saturday night to see the best gothic, tall-corn nightmare they have yet to produce. It’s creepy, haunting and quite beautiful, with an ever-increasing mastery of multi-media improvisation.

Admission to the haunted Corn Maze is $6 per person for light spooking starting at 5:30, suitable for youngsters followed by a full-tilt scarathon until 9:30 PM on Saturdays, October 18 and 25. The Dairy View Corn maze is open daily, without spooks from 10 AM ‘til 4:30 PM. Find out more about the annual corn maze, Dairy View’s homemade ice cream and their educational working dairy tours by calling 920.743.9779 or on-line at

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