A Door County Wedding, Angie & Josiah 2011

This is the story of a Door County wedding told in short-form video chapters, produced in 2011 by DesignWise Studios and released as a weekly series on a dedicated Facebook Page.

Chapter 1 – The Rehearsal
Angie Brusky and Josiah Lent were married by Pastor: Michael Brecke at St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Juddville, Wisconsin on September 24, 2011. Processional planning and sound checks always produce a few surprises and we were lucky to capture a few of those enjoyable moments.

As one viewer describes it, “This is terrific! No question; it’s candid, real and funny – whether that’s intended or not. You’re the greatest!”

Chapter 2 – The Bike Ride
Josiah Lent is an avid cyclist who works for the Trek Bicycle company. On the morning of his wedding day, he had asked several of his best friends, all of whom are in the bridal party to accompany him on a cycling tour of Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. This was his idea of how to celebrate a bachelor’s party.

Chapter 3 – The Wedding
In this episode, Angie Brusky and Josiah Lent are married at St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Juddville, Wisconsin by Pastor Michael Breke.

The Marriage of Angie Brusky and Josiah Lent features Isaac Lent, Dan Riegert, Tristan Klein, Maureen Clark, Tristan Klein, Anna Warpinski, Joey Troup, Amy Yaniz Jones, Dan Riegert and Stephanie Voegele with guitarist, Tony Warpinski and The Rev. Michael Breke.

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