Door County Walker Recall Effort to be Documented in “Shameless” Video

Door County is one Wisconsin region that has been steadily changing the color of its stripes over the past decade, shifting from Red to Blue.

There was a time not that long ago, when attending a Democratic Party meeting in Door County would result in spending face time with the same two or three tired faces that attended every meeting. But in 2004, things started to change as the Democratic Party came back to life with surprising vitality.

Now, they are flexing that muscle…

This short film is chapter one in a grassroots documentation by this magazine to report on the actions undertaken by the citizens in northeastern Wisconsin and Door County, where people of all ages and across political dividing lines are coming together to correct a situation that many believe threatens the well being and prosperity of their state. Can they succeed in helping to meet the statewide requirements to collect signatures of more than 540,208 eligible voters within the 60-day deadline?

Richard Allen Boone (June 18, 1917 – January 10, 1981) was an American actor ... Gun – Will Travel, which made him a national star with his role as Paladin

Stay tuned… as we meet up with Door County’s advocates and opponents of the Recall Scott Walker Campaign. Would you like to be included in the film? Leave a comment below and let’s make a date for coffee.

Have cam – will travel. Wire Editor.

“Any recall attempts filed will be nothing more than a Shameless power grab by the Democrats and their liberal special interests, and will not deter Republicans from moving the state forward under responsible leadership.” – Republican Party spokeswoman Nicole Larson

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