Door County Kayak Tours is Ready for Summer 2010 at a New Location

Door County Kayak Tours (DCKT), previously located at The Outpost in Egg Harbor, is now established at their own base camp at 8442 Hwy 42, in Juddville.

Door County Kayak Tours

Door County Kayak Tours

The company is planning a slew of events for the summer 2010 season and wants fans to know where the new office is. On Highway 42, just north of Juddville Hill Road, their new location is now the meeting spot for all kayak tours. Although DCKT specializes in Cave Point Tours, the guides are becoming acquainted with a variety of other locations around the peninsula.

All kayak tours are weather-dependent, thus the DCKT guides monitor and possess extensive knowledge of the current wind and wave patters throughout the area in order to pr4ovide safe and exciting tours throughout the day. Tours begin at 8 am and continue to leave every two hours, at 10 a.m., noon, 2 pm with a final opportunity at sundown.  Weather permitting, every tour will paddle through the caves all day.

That being said, it is the year of the Niagra Escarpment.  If conditions do not allow for a safe cave cruise, the guides can relocate their groups to Peninsula State Park for a scenic tour of Eagle Bluff featuring the Niagra Escarpment or a nice paddle out to Horseshoe Island Bay

All groups are asked to arrive one half hour before their tour is scheduled to depart.  In total, paddlers will spend between three and four hours with the DCKT team. The first half hour is spent filling out paper work, changing into touring clothes and perusing through the DCKT souvenirs. Next, the group boards one of two buses that the guides respectfully have named Grandma and Grandpa, for a quick shuttle to the launch site.  Here, guides share Door County information and explain kayaking techniques.

On arrival at the site, most typically Cave Point, the guides introduce a quick and thorough kayak lesson. Guests are on the water for approximately two hours. All the while, guides point out lighthouses, shipwrecks and Door County’s unique geology and wildlife. Guests are invited to play games, blast each other with super soakers and test their kayaking skills while on the water. DCKT guides, i.e. “the JuddVillains,” are equipped with a waterproof camera and guests are encouraged to take home a CD containing a slideshow of their experience.

Guests then head back to the Door County Kayak Tours headquarters at 8442 Hwy 42, where they settle up with the guides and change into dry clothes. Here guests can ask about our $5-off promotions.

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