Algoma Sculptor Earns Cultural Patriot Award and Global Recognition for “Dadaleus”

Bren Sibilsky responds to the world wide “call for sculptors” issued by the P.I.C.T.U.R.E. Art Foundation, headquartered in Redondo Beach, California.

The foundation was assisting in the selection of a large outdoor sculptural centerpiece to be installed in the new sculpture garden at California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA. The foundation’s criteria for submissions was to seek sculptures that evoke the interaction between cultures, either positive or negative, and/or the interaction between traditions and the modern world.

Bren Sibilsky’s submission, “Dadaleus,” illustrates how knowledge creates understanding… but along with knowledge comes responsibility.

daedalus-sibilskySibilsky explains…

“The story of Daedalus reminds the viewer of how the intelligent mind of the human race has the ability to understand problems and overcome obstacles thru knowledge and ingenuity… regardless of race, creed or culture. Knowledge combined with creative ingenuity is the great equalizer of all men. The intelligent, compassionate human mind is something we all share.

“Through knowledge of each other and our great diversity of cultures, we learn and grow from each other. With knowledge comes freedom for all, but also a great responsibility to the user, as noted when the father, Daedalus gives his wings to his son, Icarus, who ignores his father’s advice, and flies too close to the sun and melts the wings.

“Each generation has the responsibility to transfer their knowledge to the next and also must emphasize to them the importance of using that knowledge wisely and the way intended.”

Algoma sculptor, Bren Sibilsky was one of six artists to receive the Cultural Patriot Award. This award recognizes the designs that successfully invoke the special qualities of a given culture or cultures. The Cultural Patriot Award also qualifies her for membership in the Picture Art Foundation SCULPTORS CIRCLE.

The P.I.C.T.U.R.E. Art Foundation is a multi-cultural, non-profit art organization whose mission is to Preserve, Inspire, CULTURE, Teach, Unify, Respect and Explore.

Bren Sibilsky lives and works in Algoma, Wisconsin where she has her studio and display area, open Friday-Monday, May thru October. She shows many top quality fine art pieces that she has created and has shown work from a select group of other artists. Bren is an international, award winning sculptor and also teaches at the Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek.

Having worked in the art field for over 20 years her current primary focus is sculpture in the style of classical realism with emotional undertones. According to the artist her sculptures are, “a study in understanding universal emotion.”

A few of Bren’s many other awards include her selection as an ARC Salon finalist in sculpture for her sculpture “Aphrodite.” She was also a recipient of a “Best of Sculpture” award in Manhattan Arts International’s “Herstory” juried exhibition and a top 10 winner in the international show “The Healing Power of Art.”

You can learn more about the library and sculpture garden project at: For more information on Bren Sibilsky visit her Website at:

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