Algoma Sculptor Believes in the Power of Art to Heal, Earns “Best of Show” in New York

Bren Sibilsky, an Algoma sculptor and painter, has been awarded “Best of Show” in sculpture for “Daedalus” in the most recent Manhattan Arts International show entitled “The Healing Power of Art 2010.”

Bren Sibilsky's Daedalus

Bren Sibilsky's Daedalus

The show received artwork from every continent and has over 50 artists. In 2008, Bren was a finalist in the Healing Power of Art show. This year her winning entry also recently received a Cultural Patriot Award from The P.I.C.T.U.R.E. Art Foundation in California.

According to the Healing Power of Art show, “Art has transformative powers to change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world. Art can affect a person’s physiology, impacting brain wave patterns and the nervous system. Art can alter the cells in the body and it has the power to promote healing. Art can strengthen a person’s immune system. Art can and does heal!”

Bren Sibilsky responds, “My artwork speaks of the awakening magical transformation of evolution. The timeless dance of nature, illustrated by human fragility, encompassed by our enduring strength to overcome and awaken to our truth. As I work with the alchemy of sculpture, I am forever amazed by the natural magic of nature.”

“As a seeker of wisdom, I am powerfully motivated to understand mankind’s place in the universe and the meaning of our existence. I use mankind’s myths to journey into our inner darkness in search of the blinding light of truth. Using symbolism and the phenomena of nature, I seek to create powerful works with permanent messages. I believe that through empathy for the world, we can truly understand others, ourselves and the natural laws of nature.”

Bren¹s dream is to create artwork that can be understood and appreciated on a global level. Her obvious technical skills, combined with her visionary creative abilities are allowing her to have her artwork accepted and respected world-wide, as well as regionally.

Bren is an international, full-time sculptor and painter, with work in many collections throughout North America and Europe. Manhattan Arts International recently named Bren “Featured Artist of the Week.” Her work has been juried into many regional and international shows including ARC Salon Finalist in Sculpture 2006 and “Best in Sculpture” for Manhattan Arts International’s “Herstory” in 2007. She has participated in demonstrations and exhibitions at The Miller Art Museum, The Francis Hardy Gallery, Arc Gallery, Koehline Museum, Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art, Linden Gallery and Barnsite Gallery among others. Bren graduated from the prestigious Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Her work is represented in galleries in Wisconsin and New York.

Bren has had intensive study in the figure with international sculptor Hanna Jubran as well as bronze casting with Mary and Ken Davidson, painting with Bonnita Budysz and mentoring from Craig Blietz. Bren teaches a sculpture portrait class at the Peninsula Art School located in Fish Creek and has previously taught sculpture at the Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art (an ARC accredited Atlier).

Click to see more of Bren’s work in Gallery. The on-line show runs thru September 19, 2010. Be sure to visit Bren’s studio and gallery during the upcoming Art Studio Tour October 8 – 10 ( More info on Bren Sibilsky is available at:

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