A Visit to Ellison Wonderland

Jim and Carole Maronek have created a world of their own at Silver Poplar Studios in Ellison Bay including a hybrid barn, built in 1998 from many other salvaged barns and registered as one of Door County’s most unique wedding venues, “Ellison Wonderland LLC.”


But, the best part of this eclectic estate is the Maronek’s intention to share it. Set on 14 acres of woods and meadows in Ellison Bay, the Silver Poplar Studios complex is filled with visual and historic gems that include the barn, housing an art gallery and the “Bolshoi Room,” suitable for wedding receptions and concerts plus two guest cottages – all converted and adapted from century-old farm buildings. There’s also a rare, wood-staved silo, capped off in glass.


Jim and Carole embody a living example of what Buckminster Fuller liked to refer to as synergy, when substances or people with different qualities combine or cooperate to create results far greater than the sum total of what either could achieve alone. Jim’s extensive background in theater set design is continuously exercised building structures of all varieties from the buildings to the surrounding fences and gates. Carole’s near fanatical love of gardening brings forth an abundance of living color in all manner of vegetation. The results are a masterpiece that must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

The property was long-ago named after the forty, majestic Silver Poplar trees which once stood on the grounds. The theme throughout is one of Russian derivation, traced back through Carole’s parents from Byelorussia. Silver Poplar Studios was established as an artists’ retreat in the 1940’s. The log portion of the main house was one of northern Door County’s first buildings, dating from the 1850’s.

Photographer Alisa Landman set forth to capture images of some of the many breathtaking spots that await visitors to Silver Poplar Studios, a visual feast that is in a constant state of change as nature calls the tune. This is one of Door County’s most unique sites to celebrate a wedding …if you are seeking the embodiment of earth and sky lovingly groomed by a highly artistic couple.


“The thoughts that come to mind when I reflect on my visit to Silver Poplar simply bring forth a feeling of peace and calm,” says Alisa “…in one word, serenity. Wedding planning is quite often filled with anxiety and can be quite stressful for the two most important people in the ceremony. At Silver Poplar, this perfect place will quite likely cause those concerns to just fall away.”

“With an outdoor wedding in Door County, nature can provide much of the décor,” say the Maroneks. “The cottages, barn and surrounding gardens at Silver Poplar Studios are eminently suited for elegant, organic, unpretentious wedding ceremonies and receptions.”


Carole will often provide floral arrangements from the gardens in formal or casual arrangements. There is abundant privacy coupled with easy accessibility and ample parking, as well as restrooms on site. Tents are typically erected on the grounds to insure comfort under inclement weather, sheltering guests from the possibility of showers or intense sunshine. Visit silverpoplar.com to learn more about this delightful Door County wedding venue opportunity and we hope to see you there.

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