2011 Dairy View Corn Maze Features Town of Egg Harbor’s Sesquicentennial

This year, the Schopf Family at Door County’s Hilltop Dairy shout, “Happy 150 Year Birthday!” to the Town of Egg Harbor with a unique maze design etched into their 30-acre corn field.

Dairy View Corn Maze Theme Features Town of Egg Harbor's Sesquicentennial

Each spring, when the plants are still quite short, Great Adventure Corn Mazes (GACMK) brings a computerized, GPS-guided corn-cutting machine to carve out a detailed custom design.

As the corn plants mature, a complex puzzle, previously envisioned only on paper becomes an awesome maze challenge, spread over multiple acres – a great way to exercise brain and body.

Approximately 30 acres of corn with more than 10 miles of trails awaits visitors at the 11th Annual Dairy View Corn Maze. There are four separate mazes, .8 mile, 1.4 miles, 3.4 miles and 4.6 miles in length with levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to expert. Each maze includes 6 spots on a hand-held map that challengers can punch when they locate them.

The game challenge this year is called Farm Scene Tracks, where players try to find all six animals that stole Farmer Denny’s pies. In case you get desperate or just want to get an overview, there are two bridges that allow you to get up above the tops of the tassels.

Everyone who visits the Dairy View Corn Maze is also provided with a chance to win an i-Pod in the annual prize drawing that takes place at the end of the season.

The Dairy View Corn Maze is open daily at the Schopf Family Farm and Country Store, located on County Road I, just east of Carlsville. Admission to the Corn Maze is $8 per person 13 – adult, $6 for children 4 – 12 years of age and free for children 3 and under. Maze players are advised to dress appropriately bringing rain gear in threatening weather and wear suitable footwear, like athletic shoes or hiking boots. You can expect to be in the maze for approximately 2 hours of engaging fun.

Find out more about the annual corn maze, Dairy View’s homemade ice cream and pizza, as well as their educational working dairy tours on-line at www.DairyView.com or by calling 920.743.9779.

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