VIDEO: Classical Music in the Boathouse on Rock Island

Posted on 22. Jul, 2011 by in Videos

This summer Midsummer’s Music Festival returned for the 2nd annual classical music concert in the Boathouse on Rock Island, a very popular event that rapidly sold out.

Rock Island Boathouse photo by Charles Kenyon

I was fortunate to be aboard the ship in 2010 and had a chance to film the entire event. It was also my privilege to know in advance that Jean Berkenstock would open the evening with a surprise, a solo flute performance delivered from a spot high up in the rafters of the colossal stone Boathouse on Rock Island. It was a spooky opening, perfect for the great collection of intimate ensemble pieces to follow.

In 1910 wealthy inventor Chester Thordarson purchased 775 acres of Rock Island. A decade later, 30 acres on the southwest side of the island were cleared and Thordarson began construction of a summer estate. His large boathouse is decorated with characters from the Norse Runic alphabet.

Like Thordarson, it has taken me a bit more time to assemble all of the tools and skills necessary to raise up my own new-media vision of the future as described in this October, 2008 article. The following video featuring individual performances by Midsummer’s Music Festival co-founder Jean Berkenstock and Door County’s favorite folk musician Gerhard Berhhard remained on the shelf, waiting to be completed, better late than never.

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